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Under the lights during last nights Big Air practice @xgames 📷 @processfilms #Xgames #Aspen #HarmonyFade

Under the lights during last nights Big Air practice @xgames 📷 @processfilms #Xgames #Aspen #HarmonyFade

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joshxwhy 31.01.2018 05:22

@cwick311 I got a shovel if you wanna dig yourself deeper my guy?

cwick311 31.01.2018 05:15

@joshxwhy if the weather turns to shit in Korea and the course is crap than jibs, carves, and knuckle tricks will bring home the gold. You know the ioc doesn't give a fuck about athlete health. You gotta ride what the conditions allow. By pulling out of a contest you aren't representing your country, family, or yourself very well.

joshxwhy 31.01.2018 05:11

@joshxwhy What’s truly sad is that this individual four days ago sought out silje profile to bash her for not riding, and then got on the comments 17hrs later and thought he had an argument valid enough to debate the ethics of her not dropping in with a person who only went to spread well wishes and continues to argue 4 days after the event. That’s truly sad, but hey I’m having FUN, stating facts, debating, and pissing this guy off. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 god damn jerry

joshxwhy 31.01.2018 05:04

@cwick311 also I’m more than aware of how corrupt FIS is, corrupt the USOC, and how corrupt NASTAR is. You’re talking at a person who had to set up and tech skis and boards for a year, ran a hot wax tent for events at my mountain. However our country’s athletes and others more than likely aren’t going to the olympics for the committees. They’re going to represent their country, family, and how hard they’ve worked all their lives to COMPETE at the highest level. Not to have fun, do carves, and butters or a sick jib competition on national tv.

joshxwhy 31.01.2018 04:59

@cwick311 I’m sorry if I remember my argument correctly I said they dropped out of xgames due to poor course conditions and the fact they had to go represent their country’s in the olympics and they didn’t want to be in a compromised situation. Again dude if you wanna go see people have fun, go watch a mountain cameras, torsteins vlogs, Travis Rice’s video parts, or xgames real snow competition. Truly Idk how you can fault a professional who has more skill and class in their pinky than we have in our whole bodies for not going and putting themselves in a bad spot. You just sound stupid and have clearly never truly rode park on a bad day. Get out of my mentions bro lol

cwick311 31.01.2018 04:37

@joshxwhy if you support people snowboarding sitting out contests because they can't do their 🤖 set runs in order to beat other people in order to chase a corrupt ski federation event that promotes an even more corrupt committee, than you have completely forgot what snowboarding is about

joshxwhy 31.01.2018 04:32

@cwick311 ooooooooo good one use the same sort of insult as I did lol sorry buddy did I strike a nerve or did you just realize I know what I’m talking about?

cwick311 31.01.2018 04:25

@joshxwhy just as long as you keep to your speciality... Selfies...

joshxwhy 31.01.2018 04:07

@cwick311 well one seeing how you dont have an argument with any structured points, two you don’t even have a valid counter argument to the whole comment I just left you, and three you should look at the athlete’s profile you’re commenting on, she seems pretty excited for the olympics and it’s probably happier she didn’t potentially get injured in aspen. I think I have the most valid structured argument bud, stick to your speciality underperforming Volkswagen, wakeboard and bad photography.

cwick311 31.01.2018 03:56

@joshxwhy u really want to use the Olympics in support of your argument? Leave the skier run circus out of snowboarding.

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Стас,Вы - лучший певец нашей эстрады. Спасибо за концерт в Дзержинске! Благодарим!!!!
Стас! С успешным началом тура.Вы - классный певец. Концерт очень понравился. Огромное спасибо.