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Madonna @madonna 15.03.2017 21:15

I've teamed up with @danceon to find my next FITNESS trainer!! 💃🏻🏋🏻‍♀️🚴‍♀️!!!! You might get a chance to audition for me in NY. 🗽🗽🗽Go to link in bio to find out how!!

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I saw you play guitar and sing in a little music shop in London just before we went to Barry mores infamous party: You were absolutely amazing and I find your voice has gotten better with age: just like XTina- you would do well collaborating with some Rock guitarists!

ilceya 29.05.2017 04:44

Haha This woman is everything 💜 Love you Mad 💕 sending hugs from Brazil . @madonna

ale.endemix201732 24.05.2017 23:38

Madonna sos mí idola Diosa total éxitos genia.

luniquefitness 24.05.2017 22:46

@madonna I certainly do;)

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Стас,Вы - лучший певец нашей эстрады. Спасибо за концерт в Дзержинске! Благодарим!!!!
Стас! С успешным началом тура.Вы - классный певец. Концерт очень понравился. Огромное спасибо.