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Аккаунт: @phoebejtonkin

Род занятий: Австралийская актриса

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@soitgoesmag @jamiewright84 x


18 Oct 2017


Plant food with @jamiewright84 @soitgoesmag 💕🌱


18 Oct 2017


Thank you @chanelofficial & @luciapicaofficial for the most beautiful few days xx #CHANELNEAPOLIS


13 Oct 2017


Stole your look @ella_purnell #CHANELNEAPOLIS #chanelmakeup @luciapicaofficial x


12 Oct 2017


The most beautiful @luciapicaofficial and the inspiration behind her gorgeous #chanelspringsummer makeup collection #CHANELNEAPOLIS


12 Oct 2017


Too much? #CHANELNEAPOLIS @luciapicaofficial


12 Oct 2017


Very grateful and excited to be in Naples celebrating @luciapicaofficial new make up collection #CHANELNEAPOLIS #chanelspringsummer x


11 Oct 2017


@smythson #findthepalace


10 Oct 2017


🙌✨🙌 @yrsadaleyward #bone you are glorious. I read the whole thing overnight, (thank you 3am restlessness) and I had to remind myself to take a breath after each page. What a magical read, Your writing is extraordinary.


09 Oct 2017


I am so proud of my brother from another @likemark this movie looks spectacular. Your unique take on storytelling is so beautiful and inspiring. I cannot wait to see it. You are such a special filmmaker and a true artist #fleshandbloodfilm ❤❤❤❤❤


06 Oct 2017


My 💔 "Well the good ol' days may not return And the rocks might melt and the sea may burn Well some say life will beat you down Break your heart, steal your crown So I've started out for God knows where I guess I'll know when I get there." Belated, but Thank you #tompetty for the memories this song evokes, for all the car rides where you blasted out my windows at 5am in Vancouver driving to work, the bathroom dances in the morning as I tried to shake my self awake, and this years many, many crying singalongs. Aw man. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 #riptompetty


04 Oct 2017


Prayers didn't help the victims of the 273 mass shootings in 2017 alone. That number alone is mental. #guncontrol isn't about taking away your constitutional rights, but not addressing common sense gun laws is certainly taking away plenty of innocent lives. To the people who are Blasting anyone for turning this horrific tragedy into a 'political statement' you are ignorant, and uninformed. The very reason you have and are able to defend your firearms is because of politics. Because of politics this monster was able to own 18 firearms, and furthermore was able to bring them into a hotel room. My thoughts and prayers and love are with the families and loved ones of those affected. But nothing, truly nothing will prevent this type of horrible act of terrorism happening again unless gun control is properly addressed. 💔 And to the people who are using the "hunting rifle" excuse y'all should stop shooting innocent animals too.


03 Oct 2017