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Род занятий: Американская актриса

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Tonight. S2 episode 9! White Rock. This is me directing at low tide on the Semiahmoo Bay at low tide. Look at my crew in the water! Thank you guys for watching and loving and supporting my show. These stories are for everyone. Take care of each other. Love, PSA. @betterthingsfx


09 Nov 2017


TONIGHT. S3E8. Arnold Hall. With world class badass ‪Rade Šerbedžija. This is the one we shot at the Orpheum. Also. Hannah (Frankie) is a beast in this one. Duke didn’t help me with the layers. I made lasagna. Enjoy the shit out of it. Xpsa @betterthingsfx @laorpheumtheatre @hannahalligood1 @ladyolivia125 @alysiareiner @annabellegurwitch #RadeŠerbedžija @aclu_nationwide


02 Nov 2017


haiku attempt: Hi foggy morning. Man, you’re a sight for sore eyes. Please pull up a chair. #haiku


29 Oct 2017


Get yer candles ready. Episode 7 is on 2NITE! I’m so fucking stoked to share it with you. Me and my ones were shopping for Halloween. Almost forgot it was gonna be on. I bought a rainbow cape. Enjoy the show!!!!! @betterthingsfx #betterthingsfx


27 Oct 2017


You guys. This is nutsy and amazing. THANK YOU FX!!!! Please also enjoy “Eulogy” tonight. Episode 6. Thank you for watching and supporting and spreading the word! The revolution continues. Xpsa @betterthingsfx


20 Oct 2017


Dude. Celia Imrie. What can I say about this magnificent creature. Brilliant. Sexy. Beautiful. Funny as fuck. Naughty. Good. To the bone. Watch her tonight. I give you episode 5. “Phil”. Star Smile Shine baby. Oh and Rebecca Metz. Killin it. @betterthingsfx @celia.imrie #celiaimrie @therebeccametz


12 Oct 2017


I never knew that my mom and John Lennon shared the same birthday. Never knew until today. Makes sense. Cosmically perfect sense. I love you, Mumma. Can’t wait until tonight. TOI TOI TOI 💦💦💦. Happy birthday. Keep swimming and going strong. Stay stubborn and beautiful. You’re the one. #happybirthday


09 Oct 2017


“We’re girls with daddy problems, don’t you wanna date us?” Me and my beautiful fluid baby sky high wonder Them, @harris_reed and I are excited for you to see episode 4 of my show, Better Things on FX TONIGHT. I give you “Sick”. @betterthingsfx @baderdiedrich @hannahalligood1 @ladyolivia125 #mikeymadison


06 Oct 2017


“We’re just enjoying the day.” RIP. You will be forever cherished. #TomPetty #Lucky


03 Oct 2017


Let the revolution continue. Episode 3 is on tonight. I give you "Robin". I'm not telling what's gonna happen. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND SUPPORTING! Xpsa #BillyWest #tomkenny #HenryThomas @betterthingsfx


28 Sep 2017


Tonight. I give you episode 2 of S2 of my show, Better Things. "Rising". Watch it with the ones you love. And maybe even the ones you feel meh about. Enjoy the music and the feelings. Oh and dumb John Ales is in it and Greg Cromer and Diva Zappa and Markus Flanagan and Mark Leslie Ford and the regs. @jackassdog @gmcromer @divazappa @markofgenius @markleslieford


21 Sep 2017


My girls screamed, "MOM!" They had grabbed RuPaul and we had ONE shot to get this picture. Ru: "Hurry. Now. Faster. Yesterday." And then she was gone. It was like hosting the most magical fairy in the world. Having her in our midst. We love you, Ru! You crushed it. You ARE the Emmy's now, honey. I had SO MUCH FUN. My girls made me very proud. @betterthingsfx @rupaulofficial @rupaulsdragrace @televisionacad #aclu


19 Sep 2017