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I decided to try & help Puerto Rican’s help themselves, with a long term plan that looks beyond the immediate damage. With the heartfelt help of Captain Paul Watson & his crew of eco warriors & Ivette Rodríguez @ivechie my neighbor & ‘PuertoRican sista from anotha mista’, we hope to make a difference over the Holidays & beyond... Anyone out there wanting to show some love as well, check out this link below with details on how to participate in turning a perfect stranger’s frown upside down. LINK IN BIO! ....…………🤗🇵🇷 @seashepherdsscs @tainowarriors #TainoWarriors #TainoSpiritPromise #OperationTSP #SeaShepherd #HurricaneMaria #PuertoRicoSeLevanta


06 Dec 2017


Thank you Azzedine for always bringing out my Feminine side. RIP @azzedinealaiaofficial Your legacy Will live on forever 💔


20 Nov 2017


For every person that reposts this photo, along with #bekindtoelephants The @theellenshow will donate to @dswt foundation. 🐘 Let’s protect these magnificent creatures and let them live, they are not trophies. 🐘❣️ Favor repostear está foto con los hashtags para hacer un cambio y proteger estas criaturas tan magnificas.


20 Nov 2017


Proud of my girl @ToniGarrn for organizing a supermodel flea market in Europe in collaboration with @vestiaireco. I’m proud of all her hard work! All proceeds go to her foundation @tonigarrnfoundation to help empower woman in Africa. #ToniGarrnFoundation #vestiairextonigarrn #womanempowerment


20 Nov 2017


Azzedine ALAIA when kind beautiful talented human goes no one can understand more than the living left behind closest to them, my 💜 goes to Monté remember souls path beyond this material plane, Love Light Your Way 🌬🌊🌈


19 Nov 2017


The Holographic Universe intrigued me a decade ago... but now with all the latest advances in physics it’s got a whole new appeal: https://www.southampton.ac.uk/news/2017/01/holographic-universe.page https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/8q854v/elon-musk-simulated-universe-hypothesis


06 Nov 2017


I always hate leaving Coco & Hemingway...


17 Oct 2017


New York City Calling @author_magazine #Author2 #Issue2


17 Oct 2017


Can’t wait finally going to see The Florida Project Sean Baker is an amazing new Director he has the keenest eye for beauty & truth in the darkest places he finds Color Love & Light. No judgement Love him


15 Oct 2017

Green Acres Estate Beverly Hills

Supporting amfar #amfarlosangeles join me in supporting innovative HIV cure research by donating via the link @amfar’s bio #hiv #aids #amfar


14 Oct 2017


I’d love to there... a 4,848 year old tree called Mathusela, bristlecone pine tree, so beautiful. Inyo california’s white mountains in the National forest so beautiful at night.


14 Oct 2017