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Род занятий: Американская киноактриса и модель

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💗🌈😍😂 @davidgardner happily working on his tan upon a unicorn 🦄


23 Jul 2017



23 Jul 2017




23 Jul 2017


💗Lula's first swim in the sea with daddy @davidgardner @maxxroyalresorts 💗


23 Jul 2017


Happy birthday momma 💗🌸🎂


15 Jul 2017


Happy happy birthday my darling mommy !!!!!!!!!! @realbebebuell 💗 our greatest shoot ever !!!!! I love you


15 Jul 2017


Happy happy birthday to this stone cold fox I call mom!!!!! @realbebebuell happy happy birthday momma !!!! I love you so so much !!!!


15 Jul 2017


Today was a good day 😀☀️🎂🎈🎈


09 Jul 2017


🌸Lula rose 🌸 1st bday 🎈🎈🎈🎈


09 Jul 2017


💗Lula Rose💗happy birthday # 1 💗🎂🎈💗🎂


09 Jul 2017


💗Happy happy birthday # 1 baby girl 💗 🌸 Lula Rose 🌸 @davidgardner . this is one of my favorite photos ever . I just love it soooo much !!! That face 💗That little 1940's looking baby hat they give to you at the hospital with a bow for a girl. This was just a few hours after I had met you for the first time face to face . I was so fascinated to be watching you , observing and savoring every second. You have always had such a calm, centered and graceful way about you , but boy oh boy when you get upset you are so strong and so direct and I love this about you !!! Your grace and strength is innate inside of you. This was the first time I really saw that strength and power of will and spirit and it / you made me so happy and proud. I can't wait to watch you grow and blossom more. I am deeply grateful to be your mother. You light up my whole word. 💗


09 Jul 2017


🦄💗😂 Yeahhhh 40!!!!! I made it !!!! It's been grand. Thank you universe for all of my blessings and all my lessons learned 🙏🏻 Feeling so grateful for my health , my family and every precious moment of this life 🌈 Thank you dear 💗🦄☺️@rosemaryferguson_ for my unicorn bag and sunglasses 👛☀️🦄🕶 I Can't take them off. Go on live a little !!!!!! Here I come 40. Galloping to a town near you 😀🎈🦄


04 Jul 2017