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The beauty that I see all around me is sometimes so overwhelming. The parks here in Bulgaria are a real wonder, so many mysterious paths that I wish I could travel down, but unfortunately there's no time because I'm here for work in the end. #hellboy #bulgaria #sofiadiary


19 Oct 2017


This video just made my heart melt this morning! Luke is a little boy with Progeria, an incredibly rare, wasting disease that means he only has a few years left to live. If he's lucky . (My character, Alice, in the last Resident Evil movie has this sickness and it really sets in motion the creation of the T-virus).His daddy @lukes_dad78 felt that he would rather live more modestly and quit his job so he could spend every minute Luke has left with his son. I wanted to share his story with you all because his parents would love for people to be more educated about Progeria and if anyone wants to help in a financial way, that is of course appreciated, but definitely not expected. I've included Luke's FB page info so you can read more about this brave little fellow and for any of you able to donate, I've also included a pic of his gofundme info as you can't post links on here. Thanks for taking the time everyone, I know from yesterday's post how many parents with sick children follow me and will be empathetic to Luke's mom and dad. Your kind words to them are as, if not more important than donations. Xo m❤️ p.s. I've been reading your wonderful, supportive comments and I swear, I'm crying right now. I feel so happy to have such amazing people following me. So full of empathy and compassion. You've made my day. Thank you all so much. 👊🏼👍🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️


11 Oct 2017


Tired and depressed from working nights and reading the news. From the latest Las Vegas shooting spree and our government's complete denial that there's a problem to the fact that our Clean Air Act is about to be repealed, I'm feeling down. Any stories you guys want to share that have you feeling like someone's punched you in the gut? P.s. I posted this about an hour ago and I want to send so much love and a HUGE thank you to all you incredible people for sharing some of the most heart wrenching, but also inspiring stories here with me. It really takes a lot of guts to let your hearts show the way you have done and if I could "like" every single one, I would! I've been reading all your comments and stories non stop and I'm so proud that we've had such a powerful and seemingly cathartic forum in this moment, with each other. Thank you.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👊🏼👍🏼❤️ xo m


10 Oct 2017


Thank you @selfservicemagazine for including me in this beautiful story out now! shot by @seanthomas_photo wearing all vintage APC clothing, styled by @ondineazoulay and art directed by @clairethomsonjonville, two of the raddest bad ass ladies in the biz!💋gorgeous make up: @lesantkathy and sexy hair by: @mr_alexandrycosta you guys rocked me that day!❤️❤️❤️


06 Oct 2017


#currentmood Maggie Smith says it all for me this morning. #regram from @thinkajen.


04 Oct 2017


So tired and totally jetlagged from our long flight, but really excited about shooting a cameo in my first Chinese movie called "the Rookies" in Budapest, Hungary! I've never been here before and I have to say, if you ever get the opportunity to come, take it! It's one of the most spectacular cities I've ever seen and a must-see for lovers of European history and architecture! Enjoy the pics! ❤️m


02 Oct 2017


There is nothing better than the welcome you get from your babies when you come home. I got smushed when I got home by the Smushkins! #welcomehome #ladiary❤️❤️❤️


25 Sep 2017


So excited to start rehearsals for my role as #thebloodqueen in the new #hellboy movie! This is going to be so fun, especially because I'm going to be working with two of my favorite actors from two of my favorite shows!@dkharbour of #strangerthings and #ianmcshane of #deadwood! #hellboy #sofiadiary


19 Sep 2017


There's nothing better than baking with your kids and that's exactly what we've been doing the last few days! Today my eldest, Ever and I, made a yeast raised monkey bread and it's dangerous, let me tell you! #millaskitchen #evergabo #ladiary❤️❤️❤️


17 Sep 2017


#currentmoodbelike 😍❤️😘 #dash #ladiary


26 Aug 2017


I'm so happy to share this great shot from the new @instylemagazine #china! If you read Chinese, check out the whole story on my Weibo account! Special thanks to the creative team: @melvin0619 and @jerri_ng! #ladiary


23 Aug 2017


Don't ever let them tell you motherhood ain't glamorous!😂 Today my 2 year old decided to use my face as a canvas for jelly stickers! #momlife #ladiary


23 Aug 2017