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Bed time for babies. #ladiary❤️❤️❤️


15 Jan 2018


Happy 2018 everyone!! I can’t think of a better way to greet the new year than with a kiss from this man!❤️❤️❤️🎊🎆🎈💖💋💋💋💋#newyear2018


01 Jan 2018


#cutenessoverloaded it’s like my Instagram feed, but edible! My friend @ivannikolaev1 got me these Birthday macarons from @eatmeprint! Such an amazing gift I love it!😝👍🏼😘#ladiary❤️❤️❤️


29 Dec 2017


We wanted to wish everyone the most wonderful holiday weekend! Though the sun is shining, it's chilly enough to whip out the old faux fur here in Los Angeles, is it winter weather where you are? We ended up getting a last minute tree because of all the traveling and though the choice was at a minimum, the adventure was incredible! #happyholidays #ladiary❤️❤️❤️


24 Dec 2017


From Beijing to Park City! What a whirlwind of traveling, but nothing beats skiing with my family! #parkcitydiary😝😁😁😁


16 Dec 2017


From this traditional Hutong -a group of alleys and passage ways that separate Chinese homes- to an abandoned train at the studio, to a man going to work next to an old factory, this trip to Beijing has been absolutely unforgettable. #beijingdiary🇨🇳


14 Dec 2017


WOC and black voters in Alabama scored a major point for all decent people by kicking RoyMoore to the curb and electing Doug Jones to the u.s. senate. Also, thank you to EVERYONE OF ALL RACES who took a stand and voted to stop people like Roy Moore from being leaders of men. P.S. Yea, it's a Pic of black Panthers, but these ladies look so beautiful. #womenofcolor #decency #makeyourvoiceheard #thankyou


13 Dec 2017


On set in Beijing. This first Pic is one of my favorite images from this "China" series. I've spent more than half of my life working on green screens, but honestly, I've never seen one this massive before! There's something so elegant about this set, especially with the huge Buddha's bookending the room. It inspired me to capture it in black and white. Swipe on to see the entire series➡️ #therookiesmovie #beijingdiary🇨🇳


11 Dec 2017


#bossladies I had to snap this selfie cause it's just so rad of my stunt double, Tongyao and I on set for this all Chinese movie #therookies I'm working on! She's such a Rockstar and I'm just trying to keep up, cause the stunts here in China are off the charts cool and pretty darn challenging. But so far so killin it.👌🏽#beijingdiary🇨🇳


09 Dec 2017


Not your typical Chinese take out. Beijing has been like a strange dream. Beautiful and exhilarating, horrible and depressing too. The colors and tempo of the city are absolutely stunning, like nothing I've ever experienced, but something like the live scorpions on a stick is only comparable to a vegan nightmare. I eat meat, but their awful plight made my heart hurt, even though I'm not a fan of bugs in general. It's a culture shock to say the least. Thank you to my amazing guide, Laney @coaammmaa, for taking the time to show me around and have a well deserved beer at the end of the day! If you guys haven't checked my instastory, take a look before it disappears to see more of the fantastic circus that is Wangfujing. This is @millajovovich, over and out. #beijingdiary🇨🇳 p.s. I've gotten quite a few comments from Chinese people that they don't eat these things. It's more of a throwback to old cultural traditions that's done for tourism.


07 Dec 2017


Beijing city lights in full effect from my hotel room window. This city is absolutely vibrant at night. I wish I could explore, but I gotta get to work early. Anyway, day off tomorrow and then it's on!😁👌🏽🌪#beijingdiary🇨🇳


05 Dec 2017


Cold evening in Beijing. Traffic is brutal on the way back from work, but out my window frost has covered all the trees and the sunset looks electric. #beijingdiary🇨🇳


04 Dec 2017