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Did you participate in BANKEX Foundation proof-of-skill hackathon? Would you participate in the next one? #bankex #proofofskill


21 May 2018


Did you already check out our new format-cryptonews? In these short videos we are going to tell you that blockchain world is not that complicated as it seems to be. Check it out on our YouTube channel! #bankex #mediatoken


18 May 2018


Have you already checked out our new product video? In this upcoming format we are going to regularly inform you about BANKEX product updates. How do you like it? Go check it out in bio🔝 #bankex #mediatoken


15 May 2018


Every Wednesday we are live streaming our thoughts and updates on the products. This Wednesday @alexander_push was talking about MediaToken project, it’s purpose and development process. Don’t forget to check out the recording on BANKEX Facebook page and we will see you on the next stream on April 4th! #bankex #mediatoken


30 Mar 2018

Denver, Colorado

Photo: At recent EthHackathon in Denver, BANKEX won in two categories. Now we would like to tell you about our AppToken project, which released a step-by-step guide on How App Tokenization works (link is in the bio) If you are App developer and would like to raise funding for your application with blockchain technology, visit AppToken project website and get early access to App tokenization! #bankex #apptoken #mediatoken


23 Mar 2018

Oracle OpenWorld

Our AppToken project is rapidly developing🌐 To establish more partnerships , we visited a GDC conference in San Francisco, the world’s largest professional game industry event. There we met a huge number of talented people and got a lot of insights. Thanks #GDC2018 for organizing such a great conference. #bankex #apptoken #gdc2018


22 Mar 2018


Advantages of mediatoken. First of all, you will be able to receive money from the investors all around the world through BANKEX Exchange, amount of your followers will grow and you will be able to create your content for more and more people. Still in doubts? But what about becoming really famous? You will be one of the first persons in the world who tokenized their account and opened the gates for the blockchain in Social Media! Is THAT not enough for you? What if we interview you in front of BANKEX global audience, our investors and our followers in every social media? You will speak about your experience in tokenizing your account and more than 200000 people will know your name! All you have to do is to go to MediaToken website and join us! #bankex #mediatoken


21 Mar 2018


Tokens are just for startups? Think again! The emergence of tokens allows an enormous number of new assets to enter the economy. This is comparable to the evolution from barter to commodity-money exchange — now you can sell, buy and, consequently, earn on the assets that were previously outside of the economy. Abandoning digitization of assets — is like believing the superiority of manual labour over machinery during the industrial revolution. Today, you and I can witness the development of a new cycle that makes our economy not only industrial, electronic, monetary, but also digital. #BANKEX #MediaToken


20 Mar 2018


New video on BANKEX YouTube and channel coming up soon! Here’s the first footage😉 We have already succeeded in tokenization of @turismospain , and now are expanding to YouTube! Soon you will be able to record YOUR YouTube channel on blockchain. But now you can attract financing to your Instagram account development! Stay tuned for more updates! Link is in the bio: #bankex #mediatoken


14 Mar 2018


#MediaToken provides infinite possibilities for social media account development. Now we are not talking about Instagram only: anyone can record his YouTube channel on a blockchain! 🎇 With MediaToken you can easily attract fundings for your Youtube channel development! 💵💰 #mediatoken #bankex


06 Mar 2018


Not soon, but now! 💥 BANKEX is already listed on the OKEX exchange! Now YOU can trade BKX! Ask your questions in comments below if you need any additional information! To the moon with BANKEX! 💫 #mediatoken #bankex


02 Mar 2018


We are proud to say that our friend, @turismospain already benefits on his account tokenization. Ignacio is the first person in the world, who has his Instagram account recorded on a Blockchain. Moreover, @bankex_official is now listed on the OKEX exchange, so now you can trade BKX there! #bankex #mediatoken


27 Feb 2018


The main product of BANKEX is our Proof-of-asset protocol. This is a new standard used to create smart assets and smart contracts for decentralized capital markets. It is developed to meet the liquidity challenge and make asset deals faster, simpler and more reliable. Want to learn more? Link is in bio, and you are also always welcome to ask your questions in direct chat. #bankex #mediatoken


18 Feb 2018


The main idea of BANKEX is Bank-as-a-Service on blockchain, building the Proof-of-asset-Protocol. Financial markets are changing very quickly. We are developing tools and technologies that helps to adopt these changes by traditional institutions. Due to distrust current asset owners sometimes may not acquire additional liqudity. BANKEX injects additional transparency to the assets by proprietary Proof-of-asset-Protocol that allows asset owners to sell them as a digital products. Have any questions about MediaToken or Bankex? 🤔Feel free to leave your comments or questions in direct!💥 #bankex #MediaToken


14 Feb 2018


Now you can look through the demo of MediaToken yourself! Full version is available on our website and BANKEX YouTube channel. Join our wonderful project and stay tuned for more updates! #bankex #mediatoken


12 Feb 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

What is MediaToken? It’s time to talk about our project. MediaToken provides financial companies with an opportunity to profit from the Instagram market and helps bloggers to attract funding for further development. On February 6th, BANKEX presented MediaToken on a Middle East Blockchain forum. Our CEO explained how simple and useful this service is. Join the blockchain future of instagram by submitting your application on our website (link in bio)! #bankex #mediatoken


09 Feb 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Who knows how to conquer Instagram’s algorithm and grow the audience? The power of modern technologies, of course! 🌐@turismospain is the first person in the world who has his Instagram account recorded on a blockchain. This account will show how easy can bloggers attract financing to develop their channel! The first tokenization happened on February 6th in Dubai💥🎇. Are you ready to make a step into the future of financing? Submit your application on our website(link in bio). #bankex #mediatoken


07 Feb 2018