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26 May 2017


Summer is coming...


24 May 2017


The legend that is @jkoephoto #iphoneportrait #ishotthis #seniorpictures #hireme


20 May 2017


On the PJ in my PJ's


19 May 2017


So lucky. In love. Happy Mother's Day @baba_g. I am constantly in a state of awe watching you with our girl. What a life 💜


15 May 2017


2 of the greatest hoopers in Seattle sports history. Gary Payton and @benjaminjangles


14 May 2017


Shout out to @ochocinco for the inspiration this morning. We are what we eat. Let's treat our bodies right and love ourselves. #healthiswealth #iloveyou


13 May 2017


🍒all day


03 May 2017


We need more people like @nikkitaoliver to run for office. She is a brilliant, creative, compassionate, principled and fierce leader who lives and breathes the values of justice and equity. I've known Nikkita for three years, and I’ve been impressed with how she consistently inspires those around her to be engaged in making the world a better place. Personally, she challenges me to be a better, more complete artist and person. As our national politics are increasingly defined by hatred, fear and exclusion, we can put forward an alternative vision in Seattle. Our city can redefine what’s possible, both in terms of policy decisions and what leadership looks like. Nikkita has a demonstrated track record of working with young people and those who are most impacted by social, economic and racial inequality. On many issues including youth incarceration, transformation of the criminal legal system, gentrification, affordable housing & development, and education, I believe Nikkita represents a bold and alternative vision. I know Nikkita would say it's not about her, but rather about the community of passionate and brilliant folks driving her campaign. More than anything that is why this election should be about Nikkita Oliver. I am proud to support her for Mayor of Seattle. Photo credit: @nishisaka


21 Apr 2017


Me and my brother @blastoffnyc


19 Apr 2017


Missing my girls


16 Apr 2017


You don't get to pick them. But if you could... he'd be a first round draft pick. Happy #nationalsiblingday @zingo789


11 Apr 2017