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Grateful for all the journalists who came from overseas to talk to me about the album today. These were gifts from my friends in Japan. I’ve never had an interview where the person asking the questions had tears in their eyes. Today I had multiple. It’s a unique and special bond we share, you guys. Thanks for joining me on the journey. /// #PostTraumatic out June 15th.


21 Apr 2018


This is Aaron. We made the video for “Crossing A Line” together. This is a photo of us finishing a new video. #PostTraumatic


20 Apr 2018


xianhua meigui bing = rose cake 🌹 🍰 🇨🇳


19 Apr 2018


Mercedes me store opening in Shanghai. Good luck Lewis and Valtteri at today’s GP.


15 Apr 2018


Today I came across “matchmakers row” aka “lovers corner” today in Shanghai, a park area where parents meet to arrange marriages for their children. Check out my Instagram story to see my adventures today. I love China 👍🏽❤️⚡️


14 Apr 2018


Thank you @spotify - Crossing A Line streaming now.


13 Apr 2018


Je vais jouer à @rockenseine // August 24th #PostTraumaticTour #RES2018


12 Apr 2018


I always enjoy putting together the limited edition version of an album. While making Post Traumatic, the visual art was created side-by-side with the music. I wanted to share that with you...and maybe encourage you to participate in it, too. The limited version of the album features a book, made up of expanded album art, stand-alone images of my paintings, and pages like this, above. I included these line art drawings with the hope that you will color and finish them yourself, and share with us online. Get #posttraumatic at mikeshinoda.com // album out June 15th


03 Apr 2018


Honored to join this year’s LOVELOUD FESTIVAL in Salt Lake City on July 28th. LPU members pre-sale starts April 4th at 10am MST. Tickets & Info: @loveloudfest #PostTraumaticTour


02 Apr 2018


The art for my #PostTraumatic album is a collaboration between me and @frankmaddocks. We’ve worked together on all our album art since Hybrid Theory. In this image: photos, type, and collage by Frank, painting by me. An art book containing my paintings and our collaborations is available with album pre order now at mikeshinoda.com


31 Mar 2018


MikeShinoda.com #PostTraumatic out June 15th


29 Mar 2018


Crossing A Line


28 Mar 2018