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#Regram #RG @greenpeace: Cyclists in Zagreb, Croatia launch the global 'Break Free' protests against fossil fuels. Greenpeace Croatia, along with the local NGO Cyclists' Union and Green Action/FoE Croatia organised the protest ride in Zagreb. About 1500 cyclists attended carrying a 16-meter banner reading “Break Free from Fossil Fuels”. Photo by Branko Drakulic . . . #instagram #instapic #nofilter #greenpeace #climatechange #globalwarming #Croatia #Green #BreakFree #Nature #Planet #Peace #insta #pictureoftheday #photography #cycle #sunflower #Environment #Earth #peoplepower #renewable


24 Mar 2017


Congrats to LDF partners @Tompkins_Conservation, who have helped create a massive network of parks in Chile. #Regram #RG @tompkins_conservation: Today Kris Tompkins and Chilean President @michellebacheletpdta pledged to create 10 million acres of new national parks-- The largest donation in history from a private entity to a country #WildLegacy #halfearth #nationalparks 📷: @gobiernodechile


23 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @virunganationalpark: In 6 weeks, Virunga's Chief Warden, @emmanueldemerode is running the @londonmarathon with the aim of raising $1 million for the families of fallen rangers. The job of Virunga National Park ranger is one of the most dangerous in conservation, over 150 rangers have been killed in the line of duty. We have an ambitious target to meet, and we will need the support of our amazing #virunga community to do it! Please click the link in our bio to read more and to support Emmanuel's campaign. Every donation is being matched by a generous donor, so this is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the future of Virunga in an amazing way! #gorillas #wildlifephotography #virunganationalpark #unescoworldheritagesite #conservation #wildife #animals


22 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @oceana: Yesterday, in light of President Trump's #skinnybudget, Oceana said severe funding cuts could cripple key agencies. We call on Congress to reject President Trump's proposed budget. Jacqueline Savitz, Oceana's Senior Vice President for U.S. Oceans and Global Fishing Watch, said "Funding cuts of this magnitude could cripple key agencies like NOAA and the Coast Guard, which would be devastating to decades of ocean conservation." Visit OCEANA.org to read our full statement. 📷: Shutterstock / Dudarev Mikhail


21 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @natgeoyourshot: [ #MyClimateAction ] Nevada Solar One | Photograph by Jassen T. (@jassensf) . “Spread over 400 acres, Nevada Solar One is a massive project built in the hot, dry desert just south of Las Vegas. The plant uses 760 parabolic trough concentrators with more than 182,000 mirrors that concentrate the sun’s rays onto more than 18,240 receiver tubes. Every year, the projected amount of CO2 emissions this plant avoids putting into the atmosphere is equivalent to taking approximately 20,000 cars off the road,” writes Your Shot photographer Jassen T. “It is a refreshing site to look at — I can’t wait to fly a solar-powered aircraft one day.” -- Join @natgeo in our The People vs. Climate Change initiative and use #MyClimateAction to share a first-person perspective on how we as humans are taking the positive steps we’re taking to protect the Earth.


17 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @nasaclimatechange: Sea ice helps maintain Earth's temperature, so predicting how the ice extent (a measurement of the area of ocean where there is at least some sea ice) might change helps us understand our warming climate. NASA scientists have developed a new model for better predicting the Arctic’s annual changes. Full story: https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2557/nasa-study-improves-forecasts-of-summer-arctic-sea-ice-coverage/. Image: A Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker travels through the Beaufort Sea ice pack in September 2016. Credit: Alek Petty/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. #nasa #globalwarming #climatechange #arctic #ice #ocean #science


16 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @johanernst: "For 25 years I've been exploring the world's forests and wildlife. Destruction of forests is the second largest contributor to climate change. Every year it produces more green house gas then all of the worlds airplanes, cars, trucks, trains and ships combined. The world's experts agree that stopping illegal logging is the fastest and cheapest way to fight climate change and to stop massive global extinction of endangered species. It is estimated that within 100 years there will be no rainforests left on the planet. One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second. Even the national parks in Africa are threatened. I'm right now in the Amazon jungle and the forests are disappearing faster then ever. During the last 40 years over 20% of the Amazon is being cut down. Help us to support the organizations that are fighting for the worlds forests and jungles. #johanernst #explorerjen #adventureactivist @leonardodicaprio #wildaid @wildaid #wwf #peru🇵🇪 Photo by #filipcederholm"


14 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @mic: Trump's team may reportedly cut as much as $800 million in EPA funding, which is terrifying.


12 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @sierraclub: The 1.35 million acres that make up #BearsEars National Monument are sacred to Tribal Nations with ancestral and spiritual ties to these lands. We cannot allow this protection to be undone by new Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke or the Trump administration. Photo is of the Department of the Interior building, home to newly-confirmed Sec. Zinke, was recently lit with messages urging Sec. Zinke to #StandwithBearsEars and protect our public lands. Show your support and go to sc.org/standwithbearsears to take action! #MonumentsForAll


10 Mar 2017


#Regram #RG @conservationorg: A young lemon shark hunts in a mangrove forest. @ConservationOrg, @nature_org and @WWF are teaming up to protect & restore these crucial ecosystems around the world with the Global Mangrove Alliance. The alliance is committed to expanding the global extent of mangrove habitat by 20% by the year 2030. Find out more about the alliance, our mission, and how we hope to get there by visiting mangroveallianceorg.wordpress.com #MangroveAlliance #mangrove #conservation #climatechange #habitat #ecosystem #biodiversity


09 Mar 2017


We should all take note from these young activists from #GrinnellCollege. Are you doing amazing work to protect our planet? Share photos today with #ResistanceMonday. #Regram #RG @studentresistance: #marchfirst in grinnell!


06 Mar 2017