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Аккаунт: @lenadunham

Род занятий: Американская актриса, режиссёр, сценарист, продюсер и комик

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@jennikonner nailed it on instastories


20 Jan 2017


take care of yourselves, and each other


20 Jan 2017


Have you seen her all in gold? Like a queen in days of old She shoots colors all around Like a sunset going down Have you seen a lady fairer? #whyimarch


20 Jan 2017


Season 1 vs. Season 6- the best way to stay loving someone is to never fuck them 😍😍😍


20 Jan 2017


Rainbow of foremothers. These women and their work are #whyimarch- see you Saturday, DC 🙏🌈😍


20 Jan 2017


Rainbow of pain! It's all chills, pills, and ills on #womenofthehour this week, as I ask you to take me in both sickness and health. My favorite episode we've ever done, by the by. Accompany me on a trip to the ER where you'll get up and close and personal with my endometriosis journey, let Dr. @aidybryant diagnose some unconventional illnesses of the millennial soul, and @brokeymcpoverty provides you with some sage and soothing mental health advice. Plus, how Joss Whedon met his best friend through Make-A-Wish, and Michelle Zauner on how music helped her through a loved one's illness. We sneezed on this podcast, and the podcast got sicker. And now it's got full swine flu. Pray4us. And subscribe at iTunes.com/womenofthehour 💊💊💊


19 Jan 2017


Rainbow Doors- night bebes, love you. We got this cuz we got each other.


19 Jan 2017


Thank you @gabriel_held 🌈🌈🌈🙏🙏🙏


19 Jan 2017


rainbows everywhere 📌


19 Jan 2017


This was by far the most fun rainbow to make @saintrecords 🌈 #bestdressed #bestbrain Who is gonna go support her beautiful resistance at the Peace Ball on Thursday? I want reports.


18 Jan 2017


Subtle rainbow to keep up the theme 🌈 Don’t hang up your gloves! The fight is on and fiercer than ever 🛠 I’m in Sacramento right now urging our California leaders to continue to support our reproductive rights. Join us and be your tough-as-nails self in this tee I designed using my own fightin' hands. Get yours at omaze.com/lena and support Planned Parenthood. Please do it and I’ll love you forever- oh, and so will millions of women and their families! #IStandWithPP #WeWontGoBack


17 Jan 2017


Emin Rainbow


17 Jan 2017