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Аккаунт: @lenadunham

Род занятий: Американская актриса, режиссёр, сценарист, продюсер и комик

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25 May 2017


I cut @simondunham's hair myself and it did not come out badly and I am power mad and open for business


24 May 2017


I would never be getting through this forced rest period without these @lalignenyc pajamas. They're perfect for dreaming dreams, drinking teas and growing whole ☕️ 😴 🌲


23 May 2017


When it's always thought it was a model #thedreamofthe90s


23 May 2017


My recuperation lewk


23 May 2017


Plz be very careful with pain medication, even when it's doctor prescribed. We already have a horrifying opioid crisis in this country. Do we need a Fennec Fox crisis too? #aboutlastnight #surgeryrecovery 🦊


22 May 2017




21 May 2017


My favorite girl in the world is becoming a Bat Mitzvah today. Let's just say this is the most popular result for "celebrity yarmulke." Love to my special lady who is becoming a Jewish adult in the coolest way possible ✡️


20 May 2017


Happy birthday to @jennikonner, my ride or die, the funniest, most talented and most deeply evolved  woman I've ever known. And, most importantly, the person who finally explained to me why washing your hands after you pee is actually important. Without you I'd be a plastic bag on the wind. Thank you for getting born. Also, you're pretty. 📸 by Charlie Gross


16 May 2017


the 👸🏻


14 May 2017


Photographed by the dream known as @katiemccurdy_ for the @voguemagazine Met Gala special issue on stands now. I may have had to lay down in a bathroom stall from pelvic pain that night but every damned second was worth it and I'm hoping the story becomes very chic with age? Boy do I love taking it down to gown town.


14 May 2017


So lovely to wake early to a plethora of kind birthday wishes. 31 is significant only in that I seem to have managed another year of living mostly on my own terms- and I'll keep going for broke til I dry into a husk at age 100 or older, having finally mastered the word "no" and nailed the perfect balance of ice cream to leafy greens. To celebrate: a rare image of my dog Susan in the wild. She's the Number One beat of her own drummer kinda bitch #nonconformist #catdog #threepoundsofsteelwill


13 May 2017