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Аккаунт: @lenadunham

Род занятий: Американская актриса, режиссёр, сценарист, продюсер и комик

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home from tour in a blur of love and poodles


26 Sep 2017


This #specialthingsundays is all about @elliekammer, an Australian figurative painter who focuses her work on endometriosis awareness. This piece is called Property of Lena. It's oil on linen and I'm honored she chose my thirsty mug to rep her remarkable skill. Suddenly my selfie feels just a little less superficial. And as the daughter of a painter, I appreciate every stroke. Love you Ellie!


25 Sep 2017


Peak Sunday Vibes (@inezandvinoodh care of fellow poodle parent @naxelrod)


25 Sep 2017


I don't love being followed on a Friday walk but on the other hand I now have evidence that Marisa Tomei talks to me? So that's very cool 😎 #womancrusheveryday


24 Sep 2017


Nearly impossible to express the gift that is Gaga: Five Foot Two. This film is one of the most revealing acts of feminine rebellion you will ever witness. We will all see ourselves in it. I sure did. 👀 I may not be doing the super bowl halftime show for expectant fans but I know what both triumph and damnation feel like. As a woman in the public eye, I am labeled a brave voice one moment and an idiotic uninformed navel-gazing whiner the next. There are things I've been called that I won't name here because they hurt my heart and body and they don't deserve my response. 🔮 But just as Gaga lives with chronic pain and chronic inspiration, so do we all. She rejects labels and we can too. She understands that we are all works in progress, learning to love ourselves and to fight for each other. 🔨 The bravest thing we can do right now, for ourselves and for this country, is to exist authentically and without apology. So someone says I'm a fat faux feminist dog abandoner? No: I reject that. I say I'm a warrior woman who has lived through and with mental illness, assault, chronic pain, public criticism and still I've fought every day to tell stories and make jokes. So please, reject the narratives imposed on you and choose your own adventure. 🎭 Thank you Gaga (and director Chris Moukarbel) for giving us permission to change our narratives. I might not be flawless, but you know I gotta diamond heart 💎 ❤️


23 Sep 2017


I’m very proud of Laura & Kate’s fierce artistic vision and this film looks simply lush #Woodshock opens today in LA and NYC. 👌🏼🎥 @kateandlauramulleavy


22 Sep 2017


#tbt by the great Norman Jean Roy for @voguemagazine trying my hardest to look like a French girl who's had sex with one of Leo Dicaprio's lesser friends


22 Sep 2017


I am an artist with many mediums


20 Sep 2017


🙏⭐️ RG from @browneyes.thickthighs


19 Sep 2017


Happy #specialthingssunday where we (aka me) highlight independent woman artists/businesses/wares. Today it's all about @darnersocks. Made right in LA, these aren't ya mama's socks. Velvet, sheer, patterns and more I never wear them without a barrage of compliments. Here I am flexin' in my yellow velvet Darners 🍌 Enjoy, bebes! photo: @diazdelosmuertos 💀


17 Sep 2017


In a moment, this room will soon be filled with some of our favorite #extraordinaries! To the women (and dudes) who make us great, we can't wait to celebrate #lennys2ndanniversary with you. Thank heavens for these @colehaan's, depending on them to get me through the night because the party's not over till I dance with each and every single one of you. ❤️


16 Sep 2017


Thank you @vladislavgrach for capturing us in our natural state- Jack full of joy and deeply in the world and me contemplative and needy. Wish my baby was here today because it's gonna be a special night... stay tuned.


15 Sep 2017