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23 Jul 2017


While in Rio our school @casaamarelaprovidencia is 💥 everyday ! 🙏 @ninasoutoul @douglasdobby @mairanicolete @titi_elae


23 Jul 2017


At the occasion of the Reborn Art Festival on the Ishinomaki peninsula (Japan), we created a new photobooth installation on the sacred hill of Hiyoriyama, where the inhabitants sought shelter during the tsunami that hit the coast on March 13th, 2011. The visitor enters a space made atemporal by a white light inviting to meditation and contemplation. Through two thin openings the Pacific Ocean can be seen, reminder that this zone, once devastated, is being rebuilt. The participant is invited to have his portrait taken, in order to keep a trace of his passage and to show his benevolence towards the city of Ishinomaki, its inhabitants and its lost ones." 📸 @camille @emile @watarium @alabaz


22 Jul 2017


... special @insideoutproject in Japan #ishinonaki @rebornartfestival ✌🏻@camille @emile @watarium


21 Jul 2017


A moving @insideoutproject Group Action in Northern Uganda, to raise awareness on the crisis in South Sudan. South Sudan is going through a famine while on the brink of genocide and more than one million refugees have fled to neighboring countries. Most have searched for safety in Uganda as they welcome all refugees by providing them with a plot of land and a work visa so they can become self-reliant @worldvision @apartial


20 Jul 2017


4ème semaine au cinéma pour Visages Villages avec @agnes.varda et toujours dans presque 200 salles en France !! 🙏🏻 merci 🙏🏻 // 4th week of Faces Places in theaters in France and still in almost 200 cinemas !! Thank you 🙏🏻


20 Jul 2017


"Visages Villages" encore au cinema en France, Suisse et Belgique ❤️ @agnes.varda ... 👀


16 Jul 2017


Still up in Montfermeil, Les Bosquets #permanentpiece #36meter


15 Jul 2017


With the brother @yam_sonite in Paris fighting gravity 👊🏼 #YamanBookProject 📸 @lecolleur #NoPhotoshop


14 Jul 2017


Rolling 🎥 @ladjly & team


14 Jul 2017


Just received this amazing @insideoutproject from Ghana : PROJECT GHANA by BEAUTY FOR FREEDOM • Winneba, Ghana, 30 portraits • Many of the youth had never touched a camera before but showed such talent and dedication to photography. The organization hope this project can shine a light of the crisis of child labor in Ghana and bring hope to survivors and at-risk youth they serve. They are an estimated 49,000 children working on Lake Volta, 21,000 of them in hazardous labor. @ericasimone @beautyforfreedom 🙏 #insideoutproject #winneba


14 Jul 2017


#TBT on Paris Opéra rooftop couple years ago...


13 Jul 2017