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The @InsideOutProject is travelling the US until the end of the year to make a portrait of America that includes immigrants and the descendants of immigrants alike. These portraits are meant to remind communities of the real human stories behind each faces. Check out Insideoutproject.net/dreamers to see where the truck will be next!


17 Nov 2017


I paste Agnes toes so she can tickle them ❤️ #losangeles


13 Nov 2017


❤️ @agnes.varda first Oscar✌🏻... #tobecontinued


13 Nov 2017


LOS ANGELES here we come ! Congrats Agnes on your Honorary Oscar tonight ❤️📷@sebastienmicke #3760motorAvenue @within


11 Nov 2017


Morning again. @osgemeos


10 Nov 2017


Meanwhile in Rio Sacha Baron Cohen just arrived in @casaamarelaprovidencia to do a Comedy Workshop with the kids over the next 10 days 🙏🏻 #favelamorrodaprovidencia


08 Nov 2017


Morning walk


07 Nov 2017


SAN FRANCISCO 📷 @osgemeos


06 Nov 2017


This sailing boat will participate in a race that will cross the Atlantic Ocean from France to Brazil starting Today!along the historical coffee trade route. In my project Women Are Heroes I had made the promise to the women I met that I would make their stories travel - this is the eye from a woman who participated in the project. The boat is named "Vivo a beira", (which can be translated by "living on the edge"), from a verse by the famous Brazilian poet Clarice Lispector. It intends to raise awareness on a foundation helping the kids of Rio favelas. Thank you to Pierre Lacaze and Yoann Richomme for inviting me to be part of this adventure and for choosing art instead of branding ... 📸Benoit Stichelbaut


05 Nov 2017


From Istanbul « Wrinkles of the city project » @galeriehenrikspringmann #Berlin


04 Nov 2017


BERLIN 📷 @camille


04 Nov 2017


Almost ready ✌🏻 Berlin - opening saturday from 8pm


03 Nov 2017