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Род занятий: Мобильный фотограф и энтузиаст из Америки

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South Africa

Stopping and staring is allowed and encouraged. Those moments, when you need nothing but your surroundings, are when you’re most human.


22 Mar 2018

Canadian Rockies

High above the Canadian Rockies, where the landscape stretched as far as your imagination allows.


20 Mar 2018

Nusa Penida Island

There’s something about a Balinese sunset that makes the long flight worth every penny.


20 Mar 2018

Cape Town, Western Cape

The late-afternoon sun breaks through the storm to illuminate the mountains of Cape Town, South Africa.


16 Mar 2018

Lake Mead

Structures of the Southwest.


15 Mar 2018

Lake Tahoe – Nevada State Park

Sometimes words aren’t necessary.


15 Mar 2018

Canadian Rockies

Get yourself out there. It’ll be worth it. I promise.


13 Mar 2018

Cape Town, Western Cape

Missing those cotton candy clouds on the Western Cape. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get enough of South Africa.


13 Mar 2018

Nusa Penida Island

Just an ordinary day at an extraordinary beach.


09 Mar 2018

Salkantay Pass

Clouds rolling through the shadow of Salkantay, which is commonly translated from Quechua as the “savage mountain.” At over 20,000ft, it’s not hard to see why.


08 Mar 2018

Hwy 395

I’ve had no pleasure greater than watching the land along this stretch of road change with the seasons and passing of time, yet somehow stay the same. It’s here that I’ve reached some of the highest and lowest points in my life, both literally and figuratively, and where my love of the outdoors was nurtured. I can say definitively that I would not be who I am today without the Sierra Nevada, but I’m no fool; the Sierra Nevada would still be as dynamic and influential as it is today if I had never been here at all.


07 Mar 2018

Ubehebe Crater

Thanks to a flat tire on the road to the Racetrack, I now know what sunset at Death Valley’s Ubehebe Crater looks like. There’s a silver lining in most things.


06 Mar 2018