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THIS IS OUR FUTURE AND THIS IS OUR SAVING GRACE 💯 @everytown @adrienneelrod ✔️


23 Mar 2018

Austin, Texas

Back to Austin to sing with my woman, the most bad ass chic in country @nikkilane77 🌹 SWIPE to see a a lil clip of us playing. Music is the salve for the soul. Thank you to the boys in the band for learning this hard song on the fly that I love so much and to @landofdistraction Danita, Lori, Christian and Josh for supporting us! You know we do anything for ya. More to come... ;)🌹#sxsw 💄 @bethanymccarty 💇🏼‍♀️ @onlocationglam @frenchee__ 💅🏼 @nailbawse


22 Mar 2018


FORBES MAGAZINE ✔️💯 My first @forbes feature and it feels really good. Link in my bio for tips on how to be a #boss 💥 Written by @emilymsiegel 💥


20 Mar 2018


Have a ball today! 😍😍😍 #leothames


20 Mar 2018


Keep looking towards the light. It’s the only way forward 🖤


19 Mar 2018

TAO Los Angeles

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLE! To all our friends, we love you! Joey King, Jett Lucas, Bryan Burke, Glen Powell, Georgie Flores, Jared Eng, Tyler Shields, Kick Gurry, Emile Hersch, Andrew Frame, and Razzle - you are family. To all our friends that came to dance you bring music to our lives everyday. To everyone at @taola and @thehighlightroom you are the best! What a beautiful night! #tao #thehighlightroom


17 Mar 2018


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best man, husband, father, human ❤️ I am so blessed to live my life with you. I LOVE YOU @kyle_newman


16 Mar 2018


Country baby ✔️ What a dream to sing before Willie Nelson at his ranch with my lover woman @nikkilane77 and the new light of my life 10 year old country killer @ansleyoakley 😍 Y’all please follow her, support her, she is the light of all lights! #sxsw #sxsw2018 - thank you forever @landofdistraction and Danita, Josh, Christian, LV 🖤


16 Mar 2018


Mama made it to Austin. Lost my voice and gonna sing for some good folks... lets see how this goes 🖤 #sxsw


15 Mar 2018


Hey y’all. SURPRISE! I’m singing tonight with my sister girl @nikkilane77 at @SXSW come out and see us! 💯 ・・・ Take a closer look at the incredible lineup for @whereisthehideout at @samstownpoint with our sponsors @landofdistraction @belmont_hotel_dallas @thisisstolen coming up March 14 in Austin, TX. I am personally super stoked to sing the new song @tonyjoewhiteofficial and I wrote last week in Leipers Fork. Get your tickets at www.whereisthehideout.com 🖍: @deathspanstudio


15 Mar 2018


“Sit like a lady, shut up, be nice.” We will never sit pretty enough, be quiet or nice enough. They will keep changing the rules, the game, the demands. We win through defining our own choices with integrity and respect. Expectations lead to disappointment. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of others disappointment from unreachable asks. T-Shirt by @jonathansimkhai ✔️


13 Mar 2018


ANYA TAYLOR JOY 🌹 Thank you for wearing my dress at the #thouroughbred premiere in NYC. One of my favorite actresses and what a brilliant film! Everyone please go see it! 💋 #jaimekingxforloveandlemons


12 Mar 2018