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Start em up! Go @austindillon3 go! Go Green Equipment can NOT WAIT to be on your car in Vegas and Phoenix! See you in the Victory lane! #Daytona500 #NASCAR I LOVE THIS! Mr. Richard Childress, sir your family is so special and welcomed us like family and it was so very very fun! I look forward to such a great relationship, team and family.


18 Feb 2018


My boy @austindillon3 is about to tear it up #NASCARonFox AT 2:30 EST #DaytonaDay WATCH THIS!


18 Feb 2018


In the pit! My bro @austindillon3 is crushing. I’m so fricking stoked to be part of this race team with my company Go Green Equipment. Wow...


18 Feb 2018


Damn girl I only have one question: WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? ;)


14 Feb 2018


These kids... Saved, safe, pregnant and loved. You @nikkireed along with the three exceptional women and The Diane Warren Foundation pulled these beautiful, smart and sentient beings from certain death somewhere in a cold Colorado feedlot. I saw the inner workings of it all… The phone calls, texts, emails the bank transactions… The sleepless nights of the endless battles of animal rescue. It’s one of the many reasons I fell madly in love with this woman. It’s that compassion, that passion and determination to help creatures around her that is a gift to see every day. Thank you my love, for bringing these beautiful donkey girls and the other mustang colts and fillies that you ladies saved into our lives.... What an amazing day being with you and our new girls today. Wow. I love you


13 Feb 2018


Home sweet home.The famous @warnerbrostv lot. The tree that holds the NEST of our very own @rarebirdsprods aka Rare Birds Productions. Done with another long and inspiring day of developing television for your viewing and thinking pleasure. I can’t wait to show you all this stuff. Working hard. This is fun. Wow


06 Feb 2018


I miss you already Mexico... Amazing people, amazing food and recycled water on the golf course. Courses require so much water it hurts, so thank you for using sustainable practices in this resort. We love you. I can’t wait to come back and do some more work on my tequila company!


04 Feb 2018


YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! amzn.to/2wJG7TP My dear brother and dive buddy @gregstoneocean aka Dr. Greg Stone just published this new book Soul of the Sea In the Age of the Algorithm  Greg and I share many many many passions and the ocean is one. All of us on earth must cherish our oceans because it makes the earth an awesome place to live and in fact makes ALL life on Earth possible. Please check this out, share this. Our Oceans and our soils give us life. We MUST protect them. Learn about the. Love them. Thrive together...


27 Jan 2018


So impressed with this woman getting up before the sun comes up to work on her favorite sport even with our little one keeping you up all night in our bed. I’ve never seen anything like it. The strength and endurance you have goes beyond what any man could ever understand. You amaze me my beautiful wife. Ps thanks for teaching me a few moves;). I’ll be good enough to fly you soon... love, your husband


26 Jan 2018


Wine wall!!! #Muttstodels #ISF Holy Shit our sponsors are amazing down here in my home town of Mandeville, Louisiana!!!!!!!


21 Jan 2018


Are you here with me at #MuttstoModels? Don’t forget to share your photos tonight and tag @isfofficial #ISF I will ;)


21 Jan 2018


Right this second about to watch @nikkireed walk on stage and announce this huge and amazing collaboration with @bayouwithlove & @dell using recycled gold from recycled motherboards to create a beautiful line of jewelry to last and be passed down to other generations. Showing us all that we don’t need to mine for gold in destructive ways when companies like Bayou and Dell reuse and repurpose through innovation, creating a circular economy. This is called leadership in sustainability and I’m so freaking proud of my wife, @bayouwithlove and @dell for the endless mornings, noons and nights of design, phone calls, brainstorming sessions and the hard work. I LOVE this. I’ve seen project this from beginning come to life. Life it is. A sustainable life. Let’s do this. Amazing.


09 Jan 2018