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What concerns you about this photo other than the fact that my car needs windshield wiper fluid? Well, hopefully what concerns you is that it's 74° in January in the great state of Georgia. Also, it's the hottest year ever recorded and has been for the last three years… It doesn't matter what side of the political aisle you are on, what side of the energy sector you believe in, what religious beliefs you have-no one can deny that a warmer climate will wage war on the people of this country and this planet. I hope our Congress can find the sound economics of conservation, working together to find solutions to economic progress while sustaining climate protection. For us all… please share this post if it means something to you.


20 Jan 2017


Getting some chill time with my big child...It's a shame what's happening to our wild horses in this country. Ranchers, politicians, lobbyist and back-door deals are ripping our wild horses from their natural habitat and putting them in the holding corrals to die, paid for by our tax dollars to the tune of $50,000,000 per year or shipping them to Mexico to be slaughtered-all for the sake of raising cattle. Cows are the most unsustainable livestock in the world and one of the largest contributors to climate change when mismanaged. And of course we mismanage our Cattle... greed and lust for meat, Federal subsidies and heart disease. Wow come on America, we're better than this. Aren't we?


18 Jan 2017


I found this image and found it inspiring... Hate unfortunately so rampant in our world and is a disease built on fear. It's actually easier to love than to hate. Try it, spread it and live it. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Thank you #mlk for showing us it's possible and for leading people to love one another and find common ground. We all live in this tiny snow globe floating in space- this place and each other are all we have.


17 Jan 2017


The future... putting hydrogen in my car. Zero emissions, no polluting hydraulic fracturing, no destruction of our water supplies, no wars over oil, no destabilizing of regions and nations and NO CONTRIBUTING TO CLIMATE CHNAGE. The prices of this fuel and these cars will fall precipitously, becoming much more available very soon. As soon as we start using them and driving them then these companies will be able to make them readily available to every high school and college student, every professional driving to the office or the job site and every mom or dad picking up their little ones from school or taking them to the soccer game... Here's to clean and safe fuel. And here's to the changemakers making the world a better place. Happy MLK day, speaking of people who changed the world to make it a better place


16 Jan 2017


These doors look familiar?


14 Jan 2017


10 minutes until #vampirediaries is on and these behind the scenes photos become real behind the scenes b/c at least you've seen it... #vampirediaries is on in 10 mins!


14 Jan 2017


Tonight. Tonight. Tonight. My last episode of #vampirediaries as a director airs tonight 8PM/7 Central. I'm sure you're tired of me telling you so... just watch with me and I'll shut up. It's on @thecwtvd What do you think?


13 Jan 2017


Tomorrow night- 8PM/7Central , 8PM Mountain Time, 8PM Pacific Time the new episode of #vampirediaries @thecwtvd AIRS. I directed this episode and I'm pretty proud of the work we accomplished in 7 days of shooting. Let me know if you can watch with me & spread the word please. I know live TV can be a pain in the ass in the 21st century to schedule into our hectic lives but I only ask because it's my last episode. I think you'll like it. Put your feet up, relax and watch... Thanks to all- truly. Ian and Damon


12 Jan 2017


Finding humor in darkness is a fun part of directing... 3 DAYS until my 3rd & last episode of #vampirediaries @thecwtvd as a director. Friday 8PM/7 Central on the CW. Watch it live with me so we can do this one last time together., obviously if your time permits. Your support is so appreciated and helps us further our mission: striving to create good content through story telling. Matthew D'Ambrosio, who worked in our production office moved to the writers room and scribed the episode. He seems deep in thought in the background- what a fun journey Matthew... Thanks man. I also got to explore and cultivate ideas with the best partner in the world, my wife- I'm so grateful for it all


11 Jan 2017


4 days until my episode I directed of #vampirediaries airs Hopefully you can check it out... My last #tvd ep as a director


10 Jan 2017


A moment caught on set. Me directing #vampirediaries See it this FRIDAY on the CW 8/7 Central if you want 😎 I loved directing this episode with this incredible team, a family. Truly a family. The two guys behind me on the right are a father&son team. Pierre (on right) is our bad-ass camera operator while his son Rohan (middle) works hard gripping and learning from his papa all day long. I've known Rohan since he was 13 and to watch him grow into man on this set has been nothing short of awesome... The other handsome cat to my left is Tohmas, a brand new new newcomer to this business and we had the delight of casting him in his 1st job, one of many he will have throughout his career as a stunt man. We've all grown together on this set for 8 years, building new skills and realizing new talents/passions in ourselves and in one another. Wow. What a ride it's been


10 Jan 2017


My episode airs next FRIDAY night Jan 13th . I truly loved directing this episode of #vampirediaries Any desire to watch it?


05 Jan 2017