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Род занятий: Американская актриса кино и телевидения

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The best relationship in the whole show!! Mamasnow friendship is the cutest, I loved them in the first season 😭 and I missed that on the others @joshtherealdallas @jenmorrisonlive I don’t usually post pics in black and white but I liked how this turned out


15 Dec 2017


Our girls 7 years ago 😱 wow!! They don’t age, Ginny and Jennifer’s friendship has a long time aww @jenmorrisonlive #dressember


14 Dec 2017


Young Ginny with red lipstick 😍


14 Dec 2017


-Who likes this? -The worst Icon ir manip ever made by me... haha sorry guys I have no time 🙈♥️ anyway hope you like it 🎅🏻🎄🎉🎁❄️ I know Ginny is Jewish but this edit was requested . -Also who wants me to do an icon of Hanukkah?


14 Dec 2017


-Couple goals matching similar clothe!!! Have you guys seen the recent picture Josh posted? 😱❤️🙈 he’s so handsome and adorable, I wish he post a new pic/selfie with Ginny soon!! -Don’t forget to tag @joshtherealdallas under my posts -Let’s see if this flops:/


12 Dec 2017


-The most voted 🗳 filter was this, so here it’s a new edit of Snowing from season 1 the episode “7:15 am” 1x10, one of my favorite episodes of them tbh, I love season 1 way too much, I need to rewatch it ASAP 🙈 -Don’t forget to tag @joshtherealdallas ❤️ -Spot that horrible old watermark haha... old edit never posted -Let’s see how this flop as my last posts


11 Dec 2017


-From 1 to 10 how much do you think they look 👀 alike? My girls!!! They have so much similarities the cast for the show was amazing 💗😱 @jenmorrisonlive


08 Dec 2017


-Which is you favorite picture? Old ouat bts of Gosh!! No matter which year was they were always so adorable!!! @joshtherealdallas


07 Dec 2017


The original otp!! For ever and always! I miss them @joshtherealdallas I think that now I prefer their 5min on screen minutes on seasons 5-6 than them out of the show...


05 Dec 2017


Their friendship is so cute! Both of them love Disney parks! I wish they could go together again🙈


29 Nov 2017


Haha I love that pic so much 🙈💗 it’s so cute! Happy thanksgiving 🍁 to the ones who celebrate! 🎉 I miss this cast so much 😭 @jenmorrisonlive @therealjaredgilmore @lparrilla @joshtherealdallas


24 Nov 2017


Which Snow White? @lilyjcollins or Ginny? Ofc I choose Ginny🍎🏹 @joshtherealdallas


24 Nov 2017


Ginny and Lana 💞 Season 5 bts 😪 @lparrilla


20 Nov 2017


-Tag @joshtherealdallas ? Gosh at Jamie Dornan’s wedding 💍🎩 💐 for the ones who are wondering who Jamie is, he was Graham in the first season of ouat, Emma’s love interest 😍 Pc.📸 @jenmorrisonlive I have shared this pic a lot of times, I think 3 or 4 now but I love it... haha sorry


18 Nov 2017


Ginny and Josh in 2013💅🏻 I love their outfits 👀 in that event, they look so fancy -Guys please help me tagging @joshtherealdallas in my posts, now that he’s back maybe he will see one of my pics someday! I hope 🌈✨


15 Nov 2017


Welcome back to Instagram Joshua!!! It’s so good to have you back 🎉 @joshdallasoffical


13 Nov 2017


Perfect in both💓 . . . .I think the key 🔑 to keep a good 🤗 account is to keep posting daily and I think 💭 that’s why my account isn’t working as it used before, it’s because I remember before I used to post daily pics and now I don’t 👎🏻 sorry... 😐 it’s my fault - - - - #ginnifergoodwin #ginnygoodwin #snowwhite #marymargaret #marymargaretblanchard #queen #joshuadallas #joshdallas #princecharming #snowing #davidnolan #jennifermorrison #emmaswan #ouat #onceuponatime #oncer @joshtherealdallas


12 Nov 2017


They never fail to amaze me!💀💗 -Name a better couple... I will wait...💅🏻 They saved 2017 ✔️✔️ @joshdallasoffical


08 Nov 2017