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Род занятий: Американская актриса кино и телевидения

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My favorite girl!! I hope we see them together again 💗 Also I pray for Ginny that get back to Instagram 😩 haha @jenmorrisonlive @joshtherealdallas


24 Mar 2018


This edit wasn’t planned for today, but I wanted to do it because Ginny and @jenmorrisonlive are coming back to the final of ouat!!😭♥️ also is @jenmorrisonlive And this edit give me all the feels!!!! -From 1 to 10 how excited/happy are you about this?? . . . #ginnifergoodwin #ginnygoodwin #snowwhite #marymargaret #marymargaretblanchard #queen #joshuadallas #joshdallas #princecharming #snowing #davidnolan #jennifermorrison #emmaswan #ouat #onceuponatime #oncer @joshtherealdallas


22 Mar 2018


“Did you know: that Ginny’s husband ( @joshtherealdallas ) appeared in #Zootopia for a few minutes as the frantic pig?🐷 the one who’s in the pic


19 Mar 2018


-Which it’s your favorite? Snowing (snow+charming) parallels 💗 from season 3 & 5, awe my cuties! @joshtherealdallas


16 Mar 2018


Snow/ Mary through the seasons of ouat🙊 -Which it’s your favorite??


13 Mar 2018


This was going to be my last “Did you know: about Ginny” post on Saturday but I forgot to post it, I’m so busy recently, sorry 😐 for my inactivity Well... Did you know that #Zootopia (movie where Ginny starred as Judy Hoops) won 2 awards at the Oscars last year??🙈


12 Mar 2018


Yesterday was the #internationalwomensday so here’s a pic of some of the ladies of ouat♥️😌✨ I hope they’ve had a great day @lparrilla @ginnygoodwin @jenmorrisonlive @officialmeghanory @emiliede_ravin


09 Mar 2018


Girls 💕 I miss seeing Ginny with friends:( ps. Look 👀 at @joshtherealdallas behind gg😂 @jogarciaswisher @georgettehaig @elizaboon


06 Mar 2018


Did you know: that there were rumors about that the baby that Ginny is holding 🤱🏻 was @colinodonoghue1 ‘s son Evan! People say he appeared in @onceabcofficial as @therealjaredgilmore ‘s character Henry but as a baby 🙈


25 Feb 2018


When I first saw this pictures the first thing I thought it was that: omg 😮 maybe this pics are some never seen before candids of Ginny back in her “Big Love” days, but no! ❗️THIS IS NEW❗️ @joshtherealdallas


24 Feb 2018


You voted 🗳 for me posting today 🙊 even if I post in this hours none of you guys are active haha, but well you decided and here it is @joshtherealdallas


24 Feb 2018


Some of the birthdays 🎂🎉 of the ouat characters... today I celebrate the birthday of two important and beloved people to me 💗🙊 one of them my ibf @_greciatrejo !! Gre esta publicación es dedicada para ti! Feliz 😁 cumple tqm! Thank you for everything, for all of the moments and memories 😂 se que estoy un poco loca y que a veces harto 😤 perdón si es así pero pues al final de eso te quiero y eres una de las personas importantes para mi, esta ya es la segunda vez que te felicito por tu cumple y espero que te la hayas pasado súper ayer! Ya que fue un cumpleaños especial, te deseo lo mejor hoy y siempre espero lo sepas, I’ll be here if you need me, you know you can tell me anything, ten el mejor día! 🙌🏻 es tan lindo que tú y ya sabes quién compartan cumple haha, gracias por aguantarme cuando me comporto Loca 🤪 haha, creo que se me pasa algo de decir pero espero que no, Ily! Y en Spanglish porque si 😆


19 Feb 2018


Did you know: that when Ginny was in “Once Upon A Time” she and Josh Dallas her co-star (back in time) first met both were in a relationship with other people? Ginny was engaged 💍 and Josh was married, that doesn’t mean that their relationships were fine/good at that moment... so then they fell in love with each other (when they both were single again) while they were working on the set of the fairytale drama💗


18 Feb 2018


Ginnifer and @iansomerhalder -Do you like “the vampire diaries”?? I think it’s not bad... @joshtherealdallas


15 Feb 2018


My favorite dorks 🙊 and no 👎🏻 guys @joshtherealdallas doesn’t have lipstick 💄 on haha!🤦🏻‍♀️


13 Feb 2018


We all know that Ginnifer and @joshtherealdallas are the cutest couple, look at their matching outfits 😩👕👖 no matter what I’ll always going to be happy with new pictures of them...


12 Feb 2018


“Did you know that Ginny and her costars @jenmorrisonlive and @lparrilla from @onceabcofficial has a scar close to their eye 👁?” . - @lparrilla @jenmorrisonlive @joshtherealdallas


11 Feb 2018