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Аккаунт: @ouatginnygoodwin

Род занятий: Американская актриса кино и телевидения

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Such a cute lovebirds 😌💖


22 Sep 2017


Oh do you see that? Yes that's snow in the front... in that moment when she owned the show 💁🏻 or when she appeared at least more than 5 minutes per episode 😕 haha that's why the best seasons of ouat were the first, second and third... Pd. Let's pray for all of the people affected by the earthquake in Mexico 🇲🇽😞🙏🏻 and Latinoamerica, it's so sad to see them in that situation, but it's so beautiful to see how people, even the old ones and kids keep together helping each other and showing how strong they are! 😢help and support if you can! If I have Mexican followers I hope they are doing fine 😰 there are a lot of famous actors and people who are showing their support by different social medias! 💪🏻 that's why I admire them so much, like @emeraudetoubia @leamichele @sashapieterse27 @sofiacarson @lparrilla @bexmader @selenagomez @heatherrelizabethh @shaymitchell @julianmorris @tvalisononset @victoriajustice @katyperry and so much more! Let's keep supporting


21 Sep 2017


She's perfection, I'm speechless 🔥🙈


18 Sep 2017


-Rate their look from 1 to 10? NEW!Ginny and Josh were seen yesterday at the WME Emmy party Oh my gosh!! 😍😍😍 I can't believe how beautiful they are! My favorite couple and people always! Just them 😌 nobody else!! Ginnifer is so gorgeous 😫 I can't! I love that dress!! 👌🏻 I'm so happy!! I really wanted to see new pics of gosh at events before the year ended, I wasn't expecting this, and I'm even more happier because yesterday I didn't had such a great day 😒 And maybe the exception is @chriscolfer 🙈 about my favorite people in the whole world 🌎 just Gosh and he


18 Sep 2017


NEW pics from Gosh yesterday at the WME Emmy Party! I can't breathe!! They look 👀 so 🔥 I love them way to much! My perfect 👌🏻 and beautiful couple 🌚 Ginnifer looks just breathtaking 🙈 I love that dress and those shoes! These pics where worth the wait


18 Sep 2017


Caption the pic: My Face When I saw that I finally got 30k!!! 😵🎉 tysm!


17 Sep 2017


Ginny and Josh with Oliver 😍👸🏻🤴🏼👦🏼 he's so big now!😫 (These pictures are recent) August 17 Ginny and Ollie- September 15 Josh and Ollie - - - - - #ginnifergoodwin #ginnygoodwin #snowwhite #marymargaret #marymargaretblanchard #queen #joshuadallas #joshdallas #princecharming #snowing #davidnolan #ouatgg50k


16 Sep 2017


They look 👀 so good as parents 💕👌🏻 I miss seeing Ginny with a baby bump


14 Sep 2017


Whispering 👀 -Ginny & Jen or Ginny & Josh?💕


12 Sep 2017


- which is your favorite season of Ouat? Awww my beautiful girls looking 👀 so fetus! I'm going to miss their pictures together 💔 @jenmorrisonlive - - - - - #ginnifergoodwin #ginnygoodwin #snowwhite #marymargaret #marymargaretblanchard #queen #joshuadallas #joshdallas #princecharming #snowing #davidnolan #jennifermorrison #emmaswan


11 Sep 2017


Guess which thing they have in common in this picture! 🙈 @jenmorrisonlive tysm for all the support guys! You rock 💪🏻 I'm still here just for you, let's get to 30k followers 💁🏻


10 Sep 2017


-Who likes Mary Margaret?🙈 #Throwback to Ginny in the first season of Once Upon a Time as Mary Margaret Blanchard with @officialmeghanory as Ruby!


05 Sep 2017


Ouat vs. Disney ✨🏰💕


03 Sep 2017


The person who laughs with you stays with you 🙈 How much do you love Gosh from 1 to 10? 💖 well my love for them has no scale!


03 Sep 2017


- Describe Gosh (Ginny and Josh) in one word:👇🏻 2011/2017 The best couple!!! I mean their love story is perfect 👌🏻 they were so mean to be since they meet 💓


30 Aug 2017


Aww fetus Gosh is the cutest!! I miss to post more about them 🙈✨


30 Aug 2017


Who wore it better?? Ginny or @leamichele ?🙈❤️ to me Ginny ofc!! 😎👌🏻


28 Aug 2017


I found this cute fan art and I love it!!! It's one of my favorites 😂❤️👌🏻🙈 Crdts to the artist


26 Aug 2017