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Cold day with a soft, wetting rain, persistent in the air. H and I ventured over the mountain after school. Found a wild stallion sheltering on the foothills and we watched each other a while.... he as curious of us as we of him.


26 Sep 2017


late in the day atop the tallest mountain on earth.


24 Sep 2017


More fire and molten metal here... maintaining the volcanic theme! These from a working iron foundry, shot last year for a client. Just received the print collateral using them and I couldn't be happier with the results. See my stories for a peek.


22 Sep 2017


No volcanoes in Wales but these mornings are somewhat reminiscent.


21 Sep 2017


This to give you an idea of how far we walked to access the lava flows out in Hawaii. Note our start point in the background... the steam created by lava entering the ocean via an underground tunnel. 9 hours across these old lava fields in skin blistering temperatures to capture what we needed 🌋 worth every step.


20 Sep 2017


Favourite pool of the year so far.


17 Sep 2017


Moody day in Snowdonia. Watching steam trains heave themselves up, before disappearing into the cloud, en route to the summit.


14 Sep 2017


Sure signs 🍂


11 Sep 2017


So Scilly. #islesofscilly


10 Sep 2017


I was aware of Dinorwig Slate Quarry before arriving, but hadn't really grasped the immense scale of these quarries carved out of Elidir Mountain by hand. See small house left of frame at the top of the road. Check the blog link in my profile for more pictures and info from our visit here. Now passing the baton to @freyadowson, @zobolondon, @nickpumphreyphoto and @oldfashionedsus where would you journey in Wales?


08 Sep 2017


catching birds.


06 Sep 2017


We've been exploring Cornish tin country for the past few days. Bygone mines, silent shipwrecks and miles of perfect sand. Unforgiving in a westerly gale, it's nigh on perfect on a warm summer's evening.


04 Sep 2017