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Аккаунт: @coco

Род занятий: Американская фотомодель и актриса, жена рэппера Ice-T

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Chanel is a true definition of a best friend.. No matter what, this little munchkin is always by my side (Matching tops by @glamcitydoll)


23 Jul 2017


Since everybody is trying to make a big deal about my braids let me tell you how I feel.... I'm trying to nip this in the bud now.. (Watch the next post for a continuation of this video)


23 Jul 2017


Part 2 of how I feel about my braids.Let's put this to rest and worry about real issues we have in this world


23 Jul 2017


Its one of those maxi dresses kinda days.I 💖 when they have cool backs too! (I know your gonna ask this is from @fashionnova & like always if u buy anything on that site use the code "Coco" and you'll get a 15% off discount )


22 Jul 2017


Still enjoying my braids ..I have to admit the first 3 days the tightness killed me around the scalp but its a nice Summer look .. Thank u @therealmisssmod for spending 8 hrs on them!


21 Jul 2017


My family dragged me out for a shooting session, before I left AZ a couple weeks ago (my dad and Ice love their guns) I was of course in "Coco attire"


21 Jul 2017


Come peek inside the "Coco Cave"! Now in the new issue of @shoeholics Mag.. You'll love these pics,great for your Coco collection! (Get your free copy just press on the link in bio )


18 Jul 2017


Its finally out! @shoeholics Magazine! The only shoe mag out there! I've been a fan of it for years and now me & my closet make our presence 👡👜👠👢💄👛 Go here for your copy- www.shoeholicsclub.com/summer2017/ Or link is in the bio


18 Jul 2017


My new braids! I call um Da Coco Swoop.. I wanted a little change up for the Summer Thank you to my honey bun @therealmisssmod always doing a great job with my braids (2am on Snapchat..Search Coco to find me) Oh and by the way.. I name all the braid styles I do even hair styles with no braids .. Its a cute thing I do.. I have many weird Coco-isms do


16 Jul 2017


A little root touch up by my girl @cattnu_hair before I put braids in my hair... Thank you @blusalon And I know your gonna ask this,my dress is from @cutebootylounge


16 Jul 2017


Here's one of those mini videos I promised I'd post from my lingerie shoot....📽📽📸


15 Jul 2017


How about these pics for this weeks CocoLicious lingerie highlight! Every girl has got to have a black bodysuit in their arsenal (Slide to view all) Get it on Amazon)


14 Jul 2017