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Аккаунт: @coco

Род занятий: Американская фотомодель и актриса, жена рэппера Ice-T

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Wanted to get in my pool just to put my @omgmiamiswimwear on! I gotta do it before it starts getting cold out! I figured you guys might want peek👀 (Swipe for more pics)


22 Oct 2017


I feel kinda stupid doing the snapchat filters by myself but its so much fun with your child (On Snapchat I'm under the name Coco, simple as that!😁) You can follow Chanel- @babychanelnicole


22 Oct 2017


Here is something I've really been wanting to get into since so many of you ladies ask about what products I use for my skin.... Watch this video of the 1st product I'd like to highlight.."Tight eye" from @scienceserum . Ever since I was 15 years old I've been serious about my skin regiment morning and night I feel I need to get the conversation started since so many of you are intersted..By the way I'm 38 now.. This product is serious. Once the word gets out your gonna see it everywhere and if your interested in it go to 👉🏻 scienceserum.com I have a discount for you of 20% off if u use Coupon code "Coco" If you try it I would love to know your thoughts too! Its such a cool crazy sensation when you try it. PS..I will keep you posted on the in-depth video I will do on my skin soon Also the link is in my bio


19 Oct 2017


Trying out my 1st drip session at @drip_medispa #vitamintherapy ..This is my new favorite thing even though trying it for the 1st time...... Since so many people have been asking since I posted this last night what the hell this was.....Its an IV you do for 20 min and the bag is custom to cater to that persons needs.. Mine is packed with Vitamins to help with energy levels and make the skin glow also I have the "skinny down" which helps build your metabolism and slim down.. Your body absorbs the IV 100% compared to taking vitamins by mouth which I was told your body only absorbs 30%... Ever since haveing a baby its not only harder to get to the gym but energy is not the same so I thought I'd give it a try since its ALL good for you (I snapchatted my experience) Follow me there by just searching Coco)


19 Oct 2017


King Max got new fav bed to lay his head! 🐶 I love this dog bed cuz its extra squishy and round so they can cuddle in it.. Its a new type of bed that just came by @thedonutbed and came from @nypuppyclub On my pages I love sharing the things I use in my everyday life so maybe my followers might want to give it a try.. They are NOT paid advertisements just suggestions..I'd felt I needed to explain..


18 Oct 2017


Life moves so fast sometimes u have to take a moment to reflect back on your blessings. Thank god for the camera! These pics of @babychanelnicole was taken just a year ago when she was 9 months. Follow her if you want more cuteness in your life (Swipe to see pics)


17 Oct 2017


Chanel just came down with a cold😤 today so I'm loungin in my @fashionnova comfy outfit at home and of course rockin my fuzzy house heels .....(Just a reminder if u buy from them use the coupon code Coco you always get 15% off)


14 Oct 2017


Love this girl.... Christina Ricci💚


13 Oct 2017


We joined @blusalon fundraiser for #unitedforpuertorico ..The "Ice family" always trys to support in every way possible.If we all help in some form we can make a difference (The dresses were altered by me..I found material on the net and made this style dress...I hope to have a mommy and me clothing line one day)


11 Oct 2017


Chanel and I rocking pink camouflage @kyboe watches #biggerisbetter This is my friends line and we always represent!


10 Oct 2017


Pics of sunsets sometimes aren't as pretty as in real life Maxi Dress- @fashionnova (Use Coupon code Coco if u buy from them to get 15% off


08 Oct 2017


Guys! I made it as a Super Action figure Doll!! How cool is this!!!..... Some of you may have not known but I play the Comic-Con SuperHero CLEO in the Comic Book #Gekido and now they made me into a doll.It looks so real with Seamless Synthetic Skin plus a Steel Skeleton inside so its poseable ........ They put together a cool "Exclusive Limited Edition Collectors Deluxe Set" which includes the Doll, 48 page Comic, the chair and sceptor.. This is perfect for those Coco Fans or comic book lovers or a gift for the holidays! It's almost sold out so PRE-ORDER it Now at: www.BeyondComics.TV (I also put link in bio) (Swipe for more pics)


07 Oct 2017