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Аккаунт: @cash_warren

Род занятий: Американский актер, муж Джессики Альбы

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You can't stand normally when you sport the belt. It's impossible. I tried.


25 May 2017


#TBT I'm fairly sure the conversation w my sister went something like this... "Hey Koa, wanna play Nintendo??!!" "Sure, but only if I get to go first and I get to pick the game." Lol @butterfliesarefree25 ❤️


12 May 2017


Spent the weekend helping Haven make a poster for family share day at her school ... and when I say weekend, I mean the entire weekend. Anyhow, found this gem while going through photos w her and it helped me remember how sweet and nice and cute and wonderful she used to be. Moral of the story: carry around old photos of your sweet kids to avoid judging them for the monsters they've become. Happy Monday!


09 May 2017


Happy Socko De Mayo! Zoom in :) ... cheers!


05 May 2017


I've spent the last few days wondering what to say to you on your birthday and I've come to realization that words aren't enough. Words can't describe the feelings I had when we first met. They can't describe the thoughts that went through my head when you said "yes." They can't describe my emotions when our daughters were born. They can't describe the warmth in my heart when we hug. They can't describe the joy when you make me laugh. They can't describe how strong I feel when you hold my hand. They can't describe how much I love loving you. Thank you for giving me a lifetime of experiences that I can't describe with words. Happy Birthday my babe!!


29 Apr 2017


This feels as good as you imagine it would. #museumoficecream


22 Apr 2017


Jumping into a pool full of sprinkles should be on your bucket list. Wow. #museumoficecream


22 Apr 2017


Ice Sculptures + Bubble Machines = HumpDay


20 Apr 2017


That sexy accountant calendar you've been dreaming about for the last 364 days is finally here!! #TaxDay will never be the same (Link in bio)


18 Apr 2017


Here's visual proof that I'm a parent who cheats to get their kid ahead. Whatever.


17 Apr 2017


BOOOM! Spring collection just launched on our @pairofthieves site! They're so fresh you'll feel like you're walking in lavender fields all day...come check out and let us know what you think! Hugs


15 Apr 2017


Holy sh*t Batman, VR is going to look like a old school 8-bit video game when these come out. #friskyfriday #pairofthieves


07 Apr 2017