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Monday Office Vibes: When no is amused but me


22 May 2018




03 May 2018


I wrote this last night :) My love - It’s the eve of your birthday, you’re sleeping, our daughters are next to you in our bed, and I couldn’t think of a better time to write you a short note. I say it every year, but I’ll never get used to how quickly time flies. We can turn tiny moments into landmark events or we can accept that landmark events are simply fleeting moments. Either way, I’m slowly realizing there’s no real way to keep tabs on life....sadly, the specific memories fade but somehow we’re able to hold on to the feelings those memories create. And those feelings shape who we are and who we’ll become. If I could thank you for one thing on your birthday, I’d thank you for giving me all the feelings. Today marks the first day of your next year of life and I promise to continue to cherish our tiny moments and our landmark events... Cheers to you and another 365 days of having all the feels! Happy Birthday my babe!! - me


28 Apr 2018


I’m 99.7% certain he’s ticklish. And if he is, he wants to kick me in face right now...because this is torture if you’re ticklish. Hahahaha.


22 Apr 2018


Don’t know about you, but this pretty much sums up my Saturday.


15 Apr 2018


I’m sitting at my desk wondering if my kids will take me back to the park this weekend #humpdaythoughts


11 Apr 2018


Like father like daughter.


09 Apr 2018


The day was a good day


07 Apr 2018


Took my girls on a dad/daughter ski trip this weekend and made sure to document the 8 minutes I spent with them. #BestTripEver


01 Apr 2018


This guy. Watched Bubba win match play and Kansas beat Duke ... He’s already more talented than both of his sisters. Happy Sunday


26 Mar 2018


Pure Joy. Kids are born with the emotions, instincts and intuitiveness adults wish they had. My Pops sent me this pic the other day and I feel like the kid me would say to the adult me “keep it simple stupid. Life isn’t as complicated as you pretend it to be” #tbt


22 Mar 2018


Weird! Some people can’t see Elvis in this photo...and some can’t see the dudes. I can see both ... but I also knew that dress was gold. New award winning undies by @pairofthieves just launched on site! BOOOM!


21 Mar 2018