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Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Private preview of the installation by @aljoscha.aljoscha Humans Can and Should Re-engineer Their Brain to Achieve Invincible, Life-long Happiness at Rotonda Lounge, supported by #ruinart More photos at our Facebook page! #roccofortehotels @annanova_art


17 May 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Private preview of the installation by @aljoscha.aljoscha at Rotonda Lounge “Humans Can and Should Re-engineer the Brain to Achieve Invincible, Lifelong Super-happiness” @annanova_art Supported by #ruinart #roccofortehotels


12 May 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Meanwhile we celebrate Spring with gastronomic extravaganza where our Chefs combine two iconic seasonal products - asparagus and koryushka fish! Special a-la carte menu features delicious variations on the Spring favorites, and you may also create your own dish by choosing side dishes and sauces to accompany asparagus. Menu is on at Astoria Restaurant as of April 24 #RoccoForteHotels


26 Apr 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Thank you to all our friends and partners who have shared with us this beautiful evening! Stay tuned as we share the stunning photos from the event! #astoriagoldenmoments #RoccoForteHotels


24 Apr 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

We have the best solution for the cold and rainy day: our signature hot chocolate at Rotonda Lounge, served in a glass with an authentic metal glass holder! You get a glass of hot milk and a whole block of chocolate which you then dissolve in milk, making the drink exactly as chocolaty as you like! #RoccoForteHotels #astoriahotel


18 Apr 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Upcoming weekend preview 📸@baluevama ☕️☕️


13 Apr 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

We are delighted to present a new creation of Pastry Chef @yulia1vanova in collaboration with famous @faberge_museum - FABERGÉ SPRING ROSE dessert. A lacy gold-sprayed white chocolate egg, filled with lychee and rose mousse, with raspberry center and mint, light almond sponge cake and rose bavaroise. The egg is nestled on lush velvety rose petals made of marzipan-flavoured white chocolate and is decorated with paper-thin almond tuile with syrup, fresh raspberries and gold leaf. The premiere of the new delicacy will be on April 8 at Rotonda Lounge and Astoria Restaurant. Be the first and get a complimentary ticket to the Fabergé Museum. Come and try the sweet masterpiece! #roccofortehotels #hotelastoria


05 Apr 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Be ready for the Easter! Our Easter Market is open at Rotonda Lounge from today till 8.04. For you and your friends Easter sweets from Astoria Patisserie: from Easter cake to Easter chocolate boxes... #hotelastoria #roccofortehotels


30 Mar 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Yes that’s also Spring, in a way! 📸@paveldemichev #RoccoForteHotels #astoriahotel


23 Mar 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Go green this Monday with our fav dish from special Lent menu: Tao of Avocado, which is made with coconut and soy milk, fennel, coriander, lemon zest and a touch of Tabasco sauce. Tasty and nourishing and a delight for the eyes! #RoccoForteHotels #astoriahotel


19 Mar 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Let the weekend start right @astoriahotel ! #RoccoForteHotels 📸@wlkmn ❤️❤️


16 Mar 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Because it’s Spring! On March 8 Astoria Restaurant offers a gourmet set by Chef @davidayrault with grilled foie gras and caramelized apple for starter, fried sea scallops and calamari with black ink risotto, Atlantic salmon with carrot and citrus purée, culminating in beautiful dessert by @yulia1vanova - Lychee mousse with raspberry filling and bavaroise with rose. Information and reservations: (812) 4945815.


06 Mar 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Until March 24, our Rotonda Lounge is participating in Faberge Museum gastronomy festival, dedicated to the exhibition Modigliani, Soutine and other legends of Montparnasse. Replaying the history of Parisian legend - La Rotonda Cafe which was the meeting point for the artists in the beginning of 20th century - we offer the winter set of traditional French onion soup and a glass of white wine at Rotonda Lounge #RoccoForteHotels @faberge_museum #fabergemuseum


05 Mar 2018

Saint Petersburg, Russia

They say it’s the coldest week of Winter in St Petersburg, and then it will be Spring! Love this photo by @andrei_mikhailov ❄️❄️


27 Feb 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Here comes the three days long week-end - enjoy it to the fullest! #RoccoForteHotels #astoriahotel


22 Feb 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

Start your Monday right and have a great week ahead! 📸@wlkmn - thank you for the great photo, and come see us again soon! #RoccoForteHotels #astoriahotel


19 Feb 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

One of the tastiest weeks of the year has started! From February 12 to 18, enjoy Maslenitsa in our restaurants - a dozen recipes of best pancakes from our Chef, sweet and savory, with fillings from Gruyere and Parma, spinach and goat cheese, salmon and red caviar to sweet delights like banana and chocolate mousse, cottage cheese with raisins, plum and caramel sauce and Cointreau with orange segments and comfit.


12 Feb 2018

Hotel Astoria St Petersburg

St Valentines (and beyond) at Astoria Restaurant! Five course Gourmet set by Chef David Aurault featuring delicacies from duck liver mousse in truffle bread crumbs to black ravioli with shrimp and spinach, scallops with chestnut confit, grilled rack of lamb for main course and our famous Diana Vishneva dessert. Musical duo of a singer and saxophone will be accompanying exquisite dishes. St Valentine set will be available from February 14 till 18. Book your table: +7 812 494 5815 #RoccoForteHotels


07 Feb 2018