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18 Jan 2017


These beautiful rainy days. Short hair feels goooood.


12 Jan 2017


Been round the world, finally back again. Looking forward to this year. 📸 by @fotofetish


05 Jan 2017


In my spare time, yes, I am a secret undercover agent.


21 Dec 2016


Bye New Orleans. On the road again xx


10 Dec 2016


@iammaasante, you are crafting a deep, poetic and soulful story about life, love and humanity. Your passion for your work is truly admirable, your talent is immeasurable and your strength, intelligence, wisdom and beauty is just downright amazing. Thank you deeply for this experience. It has gone above and beyond my hopes and dreams. From the moment I first read your screenplay and met you in person, to this moment now. I feel blessed and honoured to be in such company. Thank you. 🙏🏼#WhereHandsTouch ~ 📷 by @amandlastenberg


04 Dec 2016


I'm wrapped on #WhereHandsTouch and am now on the way to New Orleans for another film adventure. I took this photo to remind me of this moment... thinking I would never share it... feeling tired from work and travel, with no hair and make up. But, when I look at the photo I see something else. I see a magical beautiful adventure mirrored in me and a pure happiness emanating from within due to the incredible journey I have embarked on with #WhereHandsTouch. A soulful, creative, fun and collaborative experience. One that I will never forget. This photo reminds me that life is about experiences. It's about the journey. It's about connecting and living life fully and giving it all we've got. Every single moment. I will miss this cast and crew immensely. I feel very blessed to have had this experience in my life and I can't wait to share it with you. #WhereHandsTouch. Thank you @iammaasante, you are amazing. Love to you and @AmandlaStenberg and the rest of our family. Miss you all already.


04 Dec 2016


Saying goodbye to my ink for the day with @lindaboijemakeupdesigner and @dimitramakeup. Dimitra is a magician! Sometimes I look down at my hand on set and I forget I even have tattoos. Love these magic ladies and my time with them in the morning. #WhereHandsTouch #lindaboijemakeupdesigner #dimitramakeup


17 Nov 2016


#tbt to London #RoboCop premiere x


16 Nov 2016


An ode to Monday. Beautiful Belgium. These lovely working days. #WhereHandsTouch


14 Nov 2016


Welcome to the world Quinn. Your Mamma's the best woman I know, and your Daddy's a gem too. I love you already with all my heart. Congratulations Schiller family. He's amazing and perfect. Looking forward to meeting you in person when I get home Quinn. All my love to you, to infinity and beyond. @thefeelgoodkitchen @jacquelineking_ xx


06 Nov 2016


Very excited to announce that I will be playing the female lead opposite @johnkrasinski in Amazon’s straight-to-series drama Tom Clancy’s #JackRyan, from the Lost duo of co-showrunner Carlton Cuse and writer Graham Roland, Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, Skydance Media and Paramount TV. The announcement is up on Deadline.com if you'd like to read more. This is a great team and a great show. I can't wait to get started. 📷 by @ericguillemainphoto


04 Nov 2016