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You're closer. Photo by @camraface


25 Jul 2017


Have a listen to #SpeakPolitely by my friends @swimm_music. Link in their bio. #Repost @swimm_music ・・・ Here are the lyrics to our new single "Speak Politely"... Thank god almighty the world gave me a friend, Feels like I'm coming of age all over again. Tonight you'll go home and pleasure yourself to the thought of me, Presumptuous I know but its not a question of modesty, And certainly not for the lack of me. I've made myself available and ready, To do the hard work that it can be, The hard work to make a woman happy. all the secrets of universe, come down to there's really nothing wrong with me. And the mystery of how a woman works, is just beyond me. I can't afford you to stay, I can't afford you to go away. Tonight I'll go home and I'll pleasure myself to the thought of you, You'll go home and fall right asleep. Before I would have told you, hell I could always speak my mind. Now when I see you, I speak politely. I asked you not to take it personally, you said "hey I don't" It'll be easier not to love you, so I won't. I can't afford you to stay, I can't afford you to go away. Strangers pat ya on the back and say, “hey man you're gonna be a star!” But with no cheerleader in your corner you're really just another dude in a big city, with a fuckin guitar. How many singers with a dream are just perverts with agendas? Oh no, not me. That's why I appreciated you seeing me the way I wanted to be seen. it's ok that you're happy now, happier without me I can't afford you to stay I can't afford you to go away. ~~~ #speakpolitely #sentimentalporno #SWIMMmusic 📷 by @robbie_masterson


24 Jul 2017


Happy birthday Bambi. Your sister loves you. 💕@isabellecornish


24 Jul 2017


Rollin deep with the crew yesterday at #FYF. 🌈


24 Jul 2017


New York City I guess this is goodbye for now. You're a hard one to leave. Great times. Thank you @swimm_music, @marto172, @adamwinns & @hanyzayan. Love you guys.


22 Jul 2017


New York City you went straight through me. 💘


22 Jul 2017


My trusty travel pillow has really made this trip amazing. Z's and chillin all the way. 💛


20 Jul 2017


Oh hey NYC!! : ) missed you.


20 Jul 2017


Travel time.


20 Jul 2017


Every now and then you steal all of my heart. 💕 ~ Little back story: Ysi and Phoenix are two sisters who were born in the back streets of West Hollywood about 6 years ago, by my old house. At 4 months, Ysi would roam the alley like the cutest kitten you've ever seen who seemed to have somehow slipped outta "the yard".... and I'd see Phoenix, lazing (way back) on one of the front courtyard doormats. The sun is rising and Phoenix is licking her left paw. And now... here they are.


20 Jul 2017


#Repost @tildsvon ・・・ Love this shot ♥ #abbiecornish #fresh #eyes


19 Jul 2017


So many feelings in the diamond rough. Photo by @ericguillemainphoto


19 Jul 2017